Hear of Obsidian

heart of obsidian

You know that feeling, after having been immersed in a book for hours, riding the roller coaster, the ups the downs grabbing on and thinking that maybe you were going to die because OMG that can’t be happening? Well, I’m living that right now after waiting a while for a Psy-Changelling book, the day has finally arrived and I spent the entire day reading something so good I’m still trying to process so I’m writing down my feels trying to sift through all of the emotions. Fist of all, I’ve been a part of this world for years now entrenched in the lives of the Changelings of San Francisco and the few Psy that have passed through the pages.

The mystery of the Ghost has been cannon for a few books now and readers around the world had hundreds of theories about who he might be. I had an inkling that he might be Kaleb just because the power needed to continue a mystery and have that amount of information must be quite large. Indeed midway through Heart of Obsidian we learn the true identity of the Ghost, so to those readers out there who were 100% sure that Kaleb was the Ghost, congratulations. In a way Nalini had prepared us well for the big reveal that once I know I kinda went, “oh right, makes perfect sense”. For me, the amazing thing about this book wasn’t the big anticipated reveal of the Ghost, but the intense and beautiful relationship that emerged with Kaleb and Sahara. Their passion and love and commitment to each other kept me so focused on them and their story that I finished the book in less than a day.

Sahara and Kaleb’s strength amazed and inspired me. Not only did they survive horrible atrocities when they were young, they were able to deeply love each other after all the damage they had survived.

One of the first quotes that first appear in the book hit me right in the solar plexus:

“Do we not have the strength to face our demons rather than stifling them and pretending that means they no longer exist, all the while knowing that evil walks amongst us?”

This I think exemplifies the whole arch that Nalini has been working on since the beginning of book one and apparent the failure of silence in the following books. It also brings to mind they’re amazing fight not to remained entrenched in the past letting their demons take over their lives, but moving forward and hopping for a brighter and better future.

Although at times agonizingly painful because of all of the deaths caused by the Pure Psy I believe that this was one of Nalini’s most uplifting books. Not only did it show us the  fire of incandescent light of the love between two deeply hurt individuals, but we were also able to see the amazing strength of a race that has been crippled from within their own ranks. In this installment of the series we also saw  amazing camaraderie between the three races, when they came together to help those in desperate need of succor.

We also learned so much more about Kaleb it left me so sad yet so proud of the man he had become. After years of living with Santano Enrique he was able to love a little innocent girl who was the first person who truly cared and worried about him. I think these were the most heartwarming parts of the book, when we get to see first hand how Sahara and Kaleb met, from both of their perspectives. They’re relationship started when Enrique had some business in the NightStar clan and young Sahara Kyriakus trained to take young ones out of the ‘adult’ discussions. After knowing each other for years Enrique decides to ‘test’ Kaleb taking away and making him hurt the only person in the world that he cared for, that was in his core. It is his desperate search for her that we have witnessed in previous books, without being privy to the amazingly intricate backstory between the two of them.

As we live through their reunion and their getting to know each other after seven years of Sahara’s captivity we truly live with the up and downs, we remember with Sahara and understand Kalebs motivations.

This is a book that not only brings forth a new era in the Psy world, but one that delves deeper into the friendship and love of two young Psy who live through the horrors to tell the tale.

Total rating: 5.00/5.00